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15 Nov 2007 16:02

  Title of the article: Mahdism and Messianism utopia: believers attributes at “The Time of Appearance”.

“Do not make haste for a matter which is to happen and is awaited, and do not wish for delay in what tomorrow is to bring for you.” (1) There is an increasing interest in our society today concerning the appearance of the Messiah for Christians and the Mahdi (a.s. ) for Muslims that will bring ...

15 Nov 2007 16:01

  The second arrival of God – The Realm of one thousand years

Parusia of Christ and “the end” of the world. – The Christian Eschatology includes learning about last moments of salvation history; the physical death of the man and particular judgment; the second arrival of Christ and pervious signs; the revival of deceased and the public judgment; release ...

15 Nov 2007 14:51

  Foundations and Purposes of Imam Mahdi’s (a) Global Government

To comprehend the foundations and purposes of Imam Mahdi’s (a) global government it is necessary to analyse the prevailing world situation and how the present status will pave way for the ultimate revolution of mankind.

15 Nov 2007 14:51

  Imam Al-Mahdi (as) and opponents: The dialectic of complementarity and contradiction

Since ancient times, two forces have been struggling to gain control over the globe; the forces of good and evil. The struggle between these two poles will continue until the Day of Judgment. However, this point may appear controversial and should, therefore, be fully discussed and concretely established ...

15 Nov 2007 14:51

  Can science and the fast evolving human intellectual capabilities help in understanding Mahdism Doctrine?

Since the last decade of the 20th centaury, our understanding of the Molecular and Cellular mechanisms that underline human ageing process has increased significantly. Scientists are currently putting forward a set of provoking questions to the scientific community such as: Is there a limit to the length ...

15 Nov 2007 14:50

  The Economical System of Salawat

(Founder of Encyclopaedia of Islam in German language, founder of the most popular German Islamic homepage muslim-markt.de, responsible member of Islamic Way [rahe islami], Webmaster of khamenei.de and author of 6 Islamic books, one about the live of Imam Khamene’i)

15 Nov 2007 14:50

  A Clarification and Explanation of Justice and Equality during the

As revealed by the Holy Qur’an, the world will one day face injustice of such immense proportions that it will threaten to engulf everyone of that time. In that age, even the pious ones will despair of justice and equality as they will be surrounded by inequity. A true believer at that time will recognize ...

14 Nov 2007 14:32

  The Future of the Globe:The Mahdavi Perspective in Divine Economics Framework

What is future of the global economy? Of course, this is an unanswerable question. Naturally, future is, somehow, unpredictable. So we cannot know stability, sustainability or what so ever the global economy is, over the medium and longer term, Krueger (2005). Hence we have to work with what we know,...

12 Nov 2007 14:23

  Mahdism Doctrine and Urbanism

The basic concept of Mahdism is that the just ruler and the virtuous awaiting Imam Al-Mahdi (a.s.), the twelfth Imam of Ahlul-Bait (a.s.), will appear in the future -in an unknown time- to fill the earth with justice and equality as it would have been filled with oppression and injustice. At that time,...

11 Nov 2007 14:30

  Studies in Divine Economics:Issues of Measuring Religiosity

Alamost all religions of the world and especially the divine religions believe in coming of a reformer who will change the world in a way that it will become a paradise-like place. In christianty, there is a concept of ‘Kingdom of God’ ..the state of the world in which God's will shall be fulfilled....

11 Nov 2007 14:30


Throughout the centuries mankind, by its own standards, has sought someone to bring justice as a means to peace and fulfilment. Leaders have come and gone, but impenitent man in his ignorance and futility still keeps seeking one who will bring victory over oppression. Sadly in many instances the justice ...

11 Nov 2007 14:30

  Mahdism Doctrine for Unity of Ummah..

In an era of globalization, there is an urgent need to send the message of harmony across different faiths. As for Islam, it is the religion of tolerance, harmony and peaceful coexistence, as the basic article of its belief is faith in God, His Messengers and His Books are, not to confined any particular ...

10 Nov 2007 14:32

  The Iranian Islamism, a Model towards Stability in the Muslim World

Islamism expresses the relation between pre-existing reality, religious tradition and it is translation to political ideology. Regardless the western theories of democratic peace, perpetual peace and democratic export, Islamism remains today the main political ideology in the Muslim world and certainly ...

10 Nov 2007 14:31

  The Imam’s Government System

The program of the government and his policies shall be mainly concerned with spreading of truth and justice and making peace and security general for all the people. His policies shall be based on commands of the Book of Allah, practice of the Messenger of Allah (a.s) and manners of his honorable grandfather,...

10 Nov 2007 14:30

  Stereotyping of Arabs and Muslims in the Western Mass Media: An Obstacle to the Movement of al-Imam al-Mahdi that Must be Confronted

Stereotyping of the "other" is still alive and well in America. The portrayal of Arabs and Muslims in both movies as well as the news is highly influenced by pro-Israeli interests. The portrayal is meant to shock at times and other times to subtly manipulate the masses into supporting Israeli and American ...

10 Nov 2007 14:30

  MAHDISM IN QUR'ÓNIC EXEGESIS Imamate Order and Challenges of Globalization

The paper attempts to reveal the views of Muslim of scholars with regard to the concept of Mahdism from Sunni and Shiite perspective. On the first part we will discuss the views of Muslim exegetes toward the textual evidences which directly deal with aspects of Mahdism. We will trace it both from etymological ...

9 Nov 2007 14:49

  The Muslims’ Obligations in the Time of the Short-Term

It is true that the Prophet and the infallible Imam were appointed by God to undertake the governance of the community affairs as their rulers and that the Prophet and the Imam should exert themselves to execute the divine will in this regard.

9 Nov 2007 14:48

  To learn from Islamic History for Preparing the Awaited Return

Our today’s world, mainly the Islamic countries, is in a very critical state. Never before so many wars took place like today, mostly in the Islamic countries occupied by the Western World or its puppet-regimes.

9 Nov 2007 14:48

  Government which paves the way for the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AF)

This code of faith teaches us the principle of human freedom. That is no man has the right to deprive an individual or community of liberty, to legislate for them, to regulate their conduct according to his own understanding of it which is generally defective, or regulate the conduct of others according ...

9 Nov 2007 14:31


“Even if there remains only a day in the life of this earth, God will prolong it for His emissary to appear so that the earth shall be filled with justice and equity as it is filled with injustice and tyranny.” This is the prophecy that the Prophet Muhammad left for his followers so that they would ...